Anaclara Systems - Nominet Domain Registrar - Terms and Conditions

Anaclara Systems provides .uk domain registration services located at Camkins House, Risborough Road, Aylesbury, HP17 0UE.
Anaclara is a fully independent registrar without connection or affiliation to any other domain registrar nor any domain reseller network.

Should you want to register or require assistance with your domain please contact us

General email:

All domain services provided by Anaclara Systems  operate under 

If you are unsatisfied with our service or wish to transfer your domain to a different registrar contact us 

Complaints email:
Escalate email:

Anaclara Systems provides domain transfers to another .uk registrar free of charge within 7-14 days, 
a small administration fee may be required for faster transfers.

Please report all forms of abuse 
Abuse email:

We operate a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of internet abuse 
as set out in the Nominet's Terms and Conditions and we comply with all lawful requests of UK law enforcement agencies.

How we respond to you
We aim to respond to your email in 1 - 2 working days 
Our small print
Anaclara Systems requires all domains to operate under Nominet's Term and Conditions of Domain Registration which may be found here. These terms and conditions are part of any Anaclara Systems contracts and renewal contract and reference to these terms are made in our quotations, invoices and renewal invoices. Failure to observe and accept these terms and conditions may result in suspension or removal of the associated domain.  Payment of any invoice or  renewal invoice shall be deemed as acceptance of our terms and Nominet's Terms and Conditions in full.  Anaclara Systems shall provide email notification of renewal domain 1 month prior to expiry of each domain.